Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Hot

Well, really it's just warm. I like weather, and I even enjoy extremes. That's why I live here in the Midwest. We get most of the extremes except for hurricanes, but the tornados are just about as exciting on a local level, and we don't need to build all those levees.

I've been waiting for this Global Warming thing to kick in and give us some really exciting stuff, but it doesn't seem to be working that way. They're getting all the fun stuff on the coasts, and we just get drought. Summer temperatures haven't really seemed to increase any, although the winter temperatures do seem to have gone up some. I hardly had to turn on my furnace at all last winter.

It looks like Southern California is overdue for another big earthquake too. They have all the fun. Of course we do have that really big volcano under Yellowstone. If that baby lets go, Nebraska could be buried under several feet of ash. And we could always hope that the New Madrid fault down around St. Louis could have another coniption. Take our minds off the Mideast for awhile. (I'm making an assumption here. I know that I have a mind, but the evidence from TV and other forms of popular culture seems to indicate that I'm in the minority hereabouts.)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Antediluvian Flatus

That's just a fancy way to say 'Old Fart,' but I get to add another year to my age today, so I guess it's fairly accurate.

I'm planning on going out to celebrate this evening; so if you happen to be driving around downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, be careful not to run over any drunks lying around in the gutters. It might be me.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I really hate mornings. I really hate getting up out of a nice warm bed and facing all that horrid sunshine or rain or whatever. I used to put my (Very Loud) alarm clock a full room away, so it forced me to actually get out of bed and move around and get my heart started, etc. I have even been known to refuse to go to bed just so I wouldn't have to get up the next morning. It doesn't work. Eventually your body forces you to go to sleep, and it's better not to do it while driving or even walking.

Now that I'm retired and have no earthly reason for early rising, it seems easier, and I do seem to manage to get myself started almost every day unless I am actually sick. The process seems to be so painful though, that I usually need to bribe myself with the promise of a few hours of fun playing on the computer instead of getting anything useful done.

Coffee is my friend. Without coffee there is no such thing as morning. All praise to the god of coffee. Is there a god of coffee? Should I start a new religion? If it will make mornings more bearable, I will do it. Well, perhaps some things are a bit beyond my aged bones, but I'd be happy to make the coffee and watch while someone else does the contortions.