Friday, January 20, 2006

The Wonders of Donnie Waugh

I have this friend and drinking buddy named Donnie Waugh from Atlantic Iowa. Donnie is a local Lincoln legend, whose brain seems to be wired up somewhat differently from normal. (Not that I should talk.) The way Donnie's mind jumps around makes it a bit hard to follow his train of thought sometimes; and as his alcohol content rises, his speech becomes somewhat slurred making it even more difficult. However; it's usually worth the effort, as he does come up with some really intersting observations.

Last night I was at my favorite local hangout, Barrymores. Donnie came in while I was there, so Clayton, the bartender, served us up some of the party mix. Don was being his very best bombastic self and waxing eloquent on all subjects as usual. His attention eventually came around to the party mix, and he asked me if I'd ever had any of the special mix that he made. "It's far superior, my boy. I use at least 80% nuts in mine!"

I looked at him for a couple of seconds and said, "Well, that makes sense, Donnie. You're about 80% nuts yourself."

Well, the crowd went wild of course, and Donnie didn't seem too displeased himself. He does like to be the center of attention. If you look closely at the picture above, you'll notice that there's a photo under his left hand. It's a copy of the one below, where Donnie and our mutual friend, B. J., create a two headed monster. It was all Donnie's idea of course, and he wanted to get me in there as well, but I begged off by saying that someone had to take the picture. He loved the result, and I had to print lots of copies for him to give to all his friends.

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