Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How Much are We Paying This Guy?

Bush Blames Cuts at Energy Lab on Mix-Up

By DEB RIECHMANN Feb 21, 8:47 PM (ET)

GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) - President Bush, on a three-state trip to promote his energy policy, said Tuesday that a budgeting mix-up was the reason 32 workers at one of the nation's premier renewable energy labs were laid off and then reinstated just before his visit.

Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval

By TED BRIDIS Feb 22, 10:50 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush was unaware of the pending sale of shipping operations at six major U.S. seaports to a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates until the deal already had been approved by his administration, the White House said Wednesday.

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