Friday, September 22, 2006

Not Quite Noah

It rained a lot yesterday, 1.48 inches according to Some of that water wound up on my kitchen floor as usual. I spent a couple of hours mopping just because I don't want a pool in my kitchen. A hot tub would be nice, but I can't cook and swim at the same time, so no pool please.

I had a few equipment problems with the rain as well. My umbrella broke on me when I was out getting groceries, and my mop broke while I was working on the kitchen floor. I am a far-sighted individual; however, so I had backup plans in place. I'm not sure of the new mop though, I've had it for awhile, and I kept using the old one. The backup umbrella is not very good either, so I guess I'll need to see about getting one that will stand up to Nebraska winds and keep most of the rain off. At least the sun is shining today, so I can go out and do a little shopping.

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